If you own a McCook business or service and would like to be listed in our directory you can get a free listing by sending the name of your business, the address, phone number, and business category to the email address below. To get listed, your business must be located in McCook. Before submitting be sure to first check to see if you are already listed. If you are listed but with incorrect information you can also send the corrected information to the email address below. Also, if you are listed and don't want to be listed you can request removal through the same email address.

mccookonline @

Enhanced Listings are also available that include more than just the name, address, and phone number of the business. Enhanced listings include up to two photos (no larger than 250X250 pixels in .jpg format), a link to your webpage if you have one, and up to 300 words of text describing your business and services. Enhanced Listings appear in alphabetical order at the top of the page above the free listings so they are seen first. Normally, the cost of an Enhanced Listing is $65 but if you order your Enhanced Listing before February 28, 2011 the cost is only $35. There are no monthly or annual fees, just a one-time charge for creating the listing. The Enhanced Listing will remain as long as you remain in business. There is, however, a $10 charge to change the listing once it has been approved and is up and running, so you may want to keep that in mind in coming up with your text. If you're going to list store hours be sure to include any changes of store hours throughout the year. It's also a good idea to not list any prices if those prices are subject to change. To order an enhanced listing send your business information along with the text, links, and photos to the email address above. Once the listing is put together and approved by you payment will be taken and the listing will appear. To speak with an ad rep, call 308-345-5078.

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